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Jesse Herrera & Associates

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El Paso, Texas 79902
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      At the Law Offices of Jesse Herrera & Associates, you can count on the services of an experienced lawyer, especially with regard to criminal cases. With nearly 18 years of experience in criminal law, as well as extensive courtroom experience, we use our persuasive abilities to get the results you want. Whether you or a loved one have been charged with drunk driving, drug possession, domestic violence, or any other crime, we are here to defend your rights.
criminal lawyer       There are many different crimes that fall under Criminal Law — misdemeanors, felonies, Domestic Violence, Drug Possession or DWI, Sexual Assault, to name a few. Whether prosecuting or defending, lawyers in the criminal justice process have to understand and abide by a complex set of rules designed to ensure that you recieve a fair trial. Because the law is complex and comprehensive, you need an El Paso criminal defense lawyer like Jesse Herrera to provide you with the legal counsel you rightfully deserve.
      If you, or a family member, have been convicted of a crime, or even if you are just being questioned, give the Law Offices of Jesse Herrera a call today and we will give you the information and help that you need.

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